Focus Beings


Sanpete Valley
Utah, United States

August 31, 2021

Final Hot Desert is pleased to present an anthro-folkloristic endeavor by L, a Los Angeles-based artist and alchemist. For over a decade they have conducted research and data gathering surrounding the folklore, superstitions, and mythologies of Utah and America. Their findings have manifested publications and exhibitions with the resurrected Historical Society of Deseret, which held a multiple year outpost at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah.

For L's FHD presentation, they have released documents they discovered pertaining to an unpublished ancient artifact find in Sanpete County, Utah. While working with a local folk museum in 2015 - The Museum of Love and Devotion / Fairview Museum of History and Art - L was given text and image documentation on a CD-ROM of artifacts found in the area by a locally infamous polygamist and visionary, Sally Rower. The records were gifted to L by the Museum Director, a cowboy and violin maker, who is a cousin to the seer. The true origins of the artifacts are unverified, although they bear similar glyphs and imagery to objects found in East Marion, New York.

The items do have a story though, which L is questing to validate through ongoing research, field study, and pan-psychic travels. Engraved on stone, shells, glass, brass, and copper, the objects were unearthed by Rower in 1901 in Sanpete Valley after being shown their location in a vision to her via an interdimensional being. She viewed the discovery and receipt of the treasures being from the divine, and began translating them for the benefit of her followers and community. The entity that appeared to her as a holographic orb of light explained that the artifacts contained instructions and technologies from ancient intergalactic beings that came to the valley in 15,558 BC. We only have a few hundred words of Rower's translations, which describe designs and structures for material and psychic portals to the home of the holographic orbs. They can only be constructed and activated at a certain time and place when Earth enters a state of high entropy. Within the texts are also hints to life extending technologies and generating methodologies to manifest any desired three dimensional object.

After eleven days of translation, Rower's house and temple burned down by spontaneous combustion, and she was stricken with a mysterious illness that produced internal lesions and temporarily paralyzed the right side of her body. While bedridden, she instructed one of her disciples to bury the artifacts in a nearby canyon, as it was revealed to her that the remainder of the translation could only be completed after another one hundred and forty-four years. Rower wasn't told of the new location of the artifacts, and her disciple died shortly after completing the task. Many have searched for the treasure without success. It is thought that the artifacts will be discovered in the few years prior to the activation timeline.

Photography by Hudson Kendall